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SLMC's Preferred Vendor Program

Sweet Leaf Madison Capital (SLMC) actively collaborates with its network of vendors to provide its customers with a go-to financing solution. SLMC has an established network of vendors throughout all spaces in the cannabis industry. 

SLMC’s Preferred Vendor Program was created to help participating vendors gain a competitive advantage by increasing the velocity of their sales. Through SLMC’s lending platform, vendors are able to provide their customers with a source of financing to make expensive purchases of equipment, which means those clients can spread their capital and manage cash flow across a broader range of business needs. This arrangement is highly advantageous to all parties. SLMC is able to help its vendors by providing them liquidity, vendors win by boosting sales velocity across more of their customer base, and customers win by getting lower costs of capital and access to the equipment they need to grow.

Reach out any time if you are interested in learning more or joining the Preferred Vendor Program.

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